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    A daily comprehensive news program, premiere on 7pm every day, focuses...

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    “ASEAN Dialogue” is a new interview show of ASEAN TV(MGTV).The intervi...

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    Thai Gossip collects the latest entertament events from Thailand and p...

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    《Thai Gossip Daily》 to provide you with all the latest gossip and show...

  • News Express

    A 24-hour rolling news program, shown at the beginning of every hour, ...

  • Movie Time

    Take an overview of the Chinese films in one hundred years and appreci...

  • 11-1900:00ASEAN View
  • 11-1900:20ASEAN Dialogue
  • 11-1900:50Documentary
  • 11-1901:45Classic Theater
  • 11-1902:35Classic Theater
  • 11-1903:25Movie Time
  • 11-1904:20ASEAN View
  • 11-1904:40Happiness
  • 11-1905:10Chinese Idioms
  • 11-1905:15On the Way
  • 11-1906:00Documentary
  • 11-1906:55healthy
  • 11-1907:00Morning News
  • 11-1907:30ASEAN View
  • 11-1907:55Chinese Idioms
  • 11-1908:00Thai National Anthem
  • 11-1908:01ASEAN Dialogue
  • 11-1908:30Cartoon
  • 11-1908:55Golden Theater
  • 11-1909:45Chinese Idioms
  • 11-1909:50Golden Theater
  • 11-1910:35Documentary
  • 11-1911:30Happiness
  • 11-1912:00ASEAN View
  • 11-1912:25Chinese Idioms
  • 11-1912:30Movie Time
  • 11-1913:25Documentary
  • 11-1914:25ASEAN Dialogue
  • 11-1914:55On the Way
  • 11-1915:30Short Play
  • 11-1915:55Happiness
  • 11-1916:20Classic Theater
  • 11-1917:10Chinese Idioms
  • 11-1917:15Classic Theater
  • 11-1918:00Thai National Anthem
  • 11-1918:01Documentary
  • 11-1918:55Healthy
  • 11-1919:00ASEAN View
  • 11-1919:20Thai Gossip
  • 11-1919:50Our Chinese Heart
  • 11-1920:40Our Chinese Heart
  • 11-1921:30On the Way
  • 11-1922:15Documentary
  • 11-1923:10Movie Time
  • MGTV(東盟衛視), which is based in Thailand and has been approved and registered by the Thai Government, is the first and only one Chinese language media institution that aims to service ASEAN in Southeast Asia.MGTV: Adhere to spread China's image and ca Detail>>